The Empowerment Community Center is a diverse community service complex specializing in personal, economic and social development programs. The center is a home for self development and a plethora of programs focused on helping families and individuals maintain a sense of empowerment. The Empowerment Community Center was constructed in 2006 by Deavra Daughtry who decided to take action by leveraging her personal resources and invest in the construction of the $800,000 building that would house programs to focus on the entire family unit with a “heal the community” approach. Her vision was to create a “safe place” that would be a resource to families by providing them the tools needed to achieve and maintain a sense of empowerment, while being inspired to reach their personal and professional goals.

The Empowerment Community Center FAQ’s

Where is it Located?: 8333 Sweetwater Lane, Houston Texas, 77037 in North Houston, just minutes from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), and 10 miles from downtown Houston.

How large is the center?: 5,400 square foot building that boasts an impressive 2,000 square foot multipurpose room, two classrooms, office suites, a full kitchen and a state of the art Technology Center. It is located on 8 acres of land in North Houston.

Community Demographics: The Empowerment Community Center is located in the center of an extremely diverse community of major businesses, churches, schools and ethnic groups near the Acres Homes and Greens Point communities.

Community Center Programming: The Empowerment Community Center’s programming reflects the diversity of its community and serves as a strategic point for corporate, private and political community penetration.

Empowerment Community Center Programs


  • TWEF (Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation) One of the original programs housed at The Empowerment Community Center, TWEF focuses on equipping women with the necessary tools for personal and professional empowerment. TWEF facilitates free Empowered to Empower classes on the first Monday of the month with a mission to expose women to people and information that will foster impactful change and personal development.


  • IEF (International Empowerment Foundation) Birthed in 2010, the IEF’s mission is to build Empowerment Centers around the world and to establish empowerment programming for people of all nationalities and ethnicities. IEF is already reaching out to major markets in Africa and the Caribbean with plans to expand its services to Europe and Asia.


  • ETI (The Empowerment Training Institute) Offers career readiness training, money management, personal development and business development training in a dynamic and professional learning environment designed to prepare individuals for success in a diverse and expanding global job market.


  • Technology Center Is a state of the art facility offering training in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, foreign language, money management applications plus internet search engine literacy, and social media training which are all aimed at college and career readiness and development of marketable skills.


  • The Eagle Scholars Student Enrichment Program Seeks to facilitate after school enrichment workshops as a mechanism of prevention, intervention, empowerment, mentorship and academic and social preparation among academically challenged students, special needs students and developing student leaders through facilitating college preparation studies, student leadership development, academic assistance and lifestyle training.


  • Y.E.P.P. (Young Empowered Progressive Productive) Addresses the evolving needs of elementary, middle and high school students and establishes fundamental and advanced strategies needed to aide students in academic development, relational development, personal awareness and personal success.


  • M.E.N. (Mentoring Educating Networking) is designed to mentor young men in the community of Houston and surrounding areas with a five point agenda: Academic and Professional Development, Relationship Enhancement, Social Foundation, Personal Presentation and Health and Wellness.